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I do not have all the answers. But, I will  try to answer the questions as best I can. I will start a Q&A section on the blog below. Anyone sending in a question will remain anonymous unless specifically asks to be identified on the blog.

Please send questions to: thefacts@incorporateedgemonthalloffame.com

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Why This Site?



Because failing to provide an unbiased view of the pros and cons of incorporation while attempting to suppress and discredit anyone who has a differing point of view on incorporation via personal attacks, false accusations, and total disregard for people except for themselves has no place in the Edgemont Community.


Deciding to Incorporate is a Big Decision

The decision should be based on the issues and facts..not by discrediting well meaning people who are all our neighbors. 


It Has Been Nasty

People disagreeing with incorporation have been subject to repeated ridicule and harassment by overzealous supporters of incorporation. Village of Edgemont incorporation proponents have painted the prospect of incorporation in its most optimistic light - never mentioning any downsides or potential risks. 

Incorporation Discussion

There are obviously some well meaning people on both sides of incorporation. Unfortunately, the debate that is required to make an informed decision has been severely clouded by an ugly group of overzealous incorporation supporters who want to ensure that that the community is denied the opportunity to hear both sides.  Below is one person's opinion and contains several quotes from the other side.